Our New Projects

The Lord has been so good to us. The Church building at Old Tafo, Kumasi, Ghana is completed. We are also pleased to announce to you that PowerHouse Hospital is completed. Thank God and thank you all for your prayers. What we need now is medical equipment and may need your total support. We need basic equipment for our medical Laboratory and our Dental facility. It is a fifty bed hospital and may need your help. We have been able to purchase some beds and some hospitals have also donated some beds to us thank God. We still need some more beds, drugs for our pharmacy and any medical equipment that will be useful to boost the progress of the Hospital. Powerhouse Hospital is accredited by Ghana Health Iinsurance Scheme. If you are led to support us in cash or kind, that would be very much appreciated and God will bless you. 
Humanitarian work in Africa
Powerhouse Hospital is a fifty bed hospital. We are inviting all volunteer Health workers ... more

Support for the Elderly
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Powerhouse Hospital, Old Tafo, Kumasi, Ghana
Powerhouse Hospital, is a fifty bed Mission Hospital. It is opened 24/7 serving the Old Tafo ... more

Emergency Ward
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Digging of Wells
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Hard working Staff
We have a 75 hard working staff at post 24/7 who are ready to help.